All dogs must be fully vaccinated in order to attend school.

Proof that the dog has been vaccinated must be brought with them on their first day of attendance. Without this, they would unfortuantely not be admitted to the school. 

This is the same for boosters! When your dog has had them we request you bring their updated vaccination card to school on their next booking. Again, without this they would not be able to enter the school environment.

Kennel Cough Vaccine

Kennel Cough is not a requirement for a dog to attend our day school. 

However, we do understand some people wish to vaccinate against this...

If your dog has this vaccination it must not attend school for three weeks thereafter. This is due to the kennel cough vaccine being a live vaccination.

the same rules apply for any annual boosters given.


Titre Testing

Titre  testing is accepted at our day school. But only if proof of testing can be provided. This information can be recorded on your vaccination card or on your dogs full vet history.

A titre test is a blood test that can show whether your pet has antibodies for a particular illness. Titre testing can be used to determine the effectiveness of a vaccine or the presence of any natural immunity towards disease.