Leanne - Day School Manager

"My life changed for when I came to run this Day School. It's my dream job, I came here with approximately 6 dogs a day, and built it up from there! I love watching both the staff and dogs in school form bonds and thrive! I am extremely proud of the team I have built and how well they work together to provide the ultimate care for the dogs who attend our school." 


Megan - Day School Supervisor

"The thing I enjoy the most is playing with the dogs and keeping them happy, im learning something new every day."

Lucy-Mae - Day School Assistant

"I love getting to know all the different dogs. No two days are the same working here at Noah's Ark, which keeps me constantly excited and makes me love my job more as each day goes by!"

Brooke - Day School Assistant

"I love dogs and I am so grateful to finally get the oppotunity to work with these cute, friendly and amazing dogs!"

Joshua - Day School Assistant

"I love working at Noah's Ark Dog Day School because I enjoy playing with all of the dogs and getting to know all of them and all of their different personalities!"

Lydia - Day School Assistant

"I enjoy working at Noah's and being able to watch the dogs grow in confidence and make new friends!"