7.30am-9am Free Time

Dogs will come into the main hall or large outside area and will have access to toys and equipment whilst being able to play with their friends under the supervsion of our staff.

9am- 10am Structured Learning

During this time some dogs will be working on their recall from distractions, others may be working on their food manners! This is time where our team can work through the individual dogs training plan. Morning health checks will be carried out and any notes will be added onto the individual dogs school report.

10am-12pm Group Learning & Play

In this time dogs will have the freedom to play amongst their friends, or chill out in our lounge around areas and beds. Our team will be supervising and praising for any apropriate play or timing out for any unsuitable play.

12pm-1pm Lunch Time

Any dogs requiring a lunch time feed will be fed in a separate area by one of our staff. Those not requiring lunch will have fun with our interactive toys to keep them mentally stimulated.

1pm-2pm Nap Time

This time of the day enables the dogs to wind down and have a rest from their busy morning. Those who would like peace can take themselves off to the beds dotted around the hall. Any still wanting to play will have access to interactive toys or even some time in a separate area with mental enrichment in the form of Kong treat toys and puzzle games. Please note we are not able to force dogs to rest, if they don't want to stop then we wont make them.

2pm-3pm Structured Learning

Any training not completed in the morning will be resumed at this time. Afternoon health checks will be carried out and anything noted will be added to the dogs individual school report.

3pm-4pm Bath Time

During this time any dogs that are booked in for a bath an blow dry are brushed and spritzed ready for home! We will also carry out afternoon health checks in this time period.

4pm-6pm Home Time

Parents will start collecting their dogs from 4pm unless they have planned an early pick up. Whilst dogs are leaving, the remaining pupils will have access to the toys and some will have a nap in the beds.   This is also where we present a rosette to the owner of the chosen Dog of the Day! Please note these times are approximate and activities will depend on the dogs preferences for that day