Puppies up to a year old learn social skills. School also helps build a dogs confidence, particularly those who can be shy or nervous! For those who tend to be boisterous or over the top, they learn manners. Dogs over a year old learn important life skills with both younger dogs and similar aged dogs.

It's the ideal place for any dog that needs more exercise than you can give them as well as wanting your dog to learn, and as well as the physical stimulation! At Noah's Ark HU5, we pride ourselves on providing mental stimulation throughout the day which is equally important for your pet's well-being and Day School experience.  

 Perfect for sociable dogs, we provide a safe and playful environment where learning and fun is paramount. For whatever the reason you leave your dog with us at Noah's Ark HU5, safe in the knowledge that they will be playing with their friends under the supervision of our trained staff.

Fulfill and enrich your dog's day by dropping them off for a minimum of one day per week, you're both guaranteed to reap the rewards of a truly happy dog at the end of the day and enjoy a very quiet evening! 

 Does your dog need basic manners training?

Do they jump up or do they lack self control? We can help with all of these problems as we devise an individual training plan for all of our day school attendees!

Please note that once ready, puppies, small and older dogs are not kept separate as it is important for all dogs to learn to interact with others and not avoid them. 

The school is heavily supervised at all times and all dogs are assessed before being able to use the facility. It is not a place for rehabilitating your dog and all dogs over 6 months require an assessment before being able to use the service


We are registered members of the Pet Industry Federation!