Puppy Socialisation and Why it's Important

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It is important that dogs learn how to behave around other dogs. It isn't enough to take your dog to the field and let them off lead. How do you know they are learning the right skills? The dog they are playing with may not understand polite play and your new puppy could learn all the wrong things. You may not be aware but once your dog reaches 16 weeks of age, they will have already decided if other dogs are scary or safe, and this will stay with them for life. They also need to have met AT LEAST 100 different dogs before they reach 6 months of age. With this in mind it is incredibly important to get them off on a good footing with other dogs.


Our Day School is a fun filled and educational environment that is designed for puppies aged up to 1 year old to enable them to learn the correct skills. Day School IS NOTa free-for-all, your puppy will learn how to play appropriately with other dogs of all ages in a controlled and supervised environment.

We don't split up big and small puppies as many places do. Big puppies need to learn to be careful and play gentle with little puppies, and little puppies need to gain confidence around big puppies and learn not to be scared or nervous (which is where 'small, snappy and yappy dogs' often develop from). Play needs to be appropriate and mutual - you jump on me, I jump on you -, over-the-top or very vocal play is discouraged using 'time-outs' and puppies are controlled from crowding or harassing those that may be initially shy or worried.